Our Story and where we started

Send IT Death Before Dishonor was created using battle tested words. My name Pierre and in 2018, I had a small accident that changed my life forever.  

I joined the USN at 19, when that was done I attended a 7 month EMT and Fire Fighter Academy.  I worked for CDF/CAL FIRE till 2012. Then was given the opportunity to attend a Sheriff's Academy.  Once a passed that I was able to  be a proud public servant till 2021.

In 2018 I slipped and fell down 2 flights of stairs, thankfully I have a hard head. 18 months later I went to the doctor because my left knee was given out. They found I'd have a C5/ C6 disc herniation and 50% of spinal cord compression. 

My life changed forever. 2 weeks later I was in surgery. But I gained a few millimeters in height so that's a plus, now I'm 6'2.  Heck yea. I have a plate and 4 screws for my C5/C6 fusion. Had surgery on my left elbow for bone fragments that broke off from my elbow when I fell. Plus messed up knees,ankles and right hip.

In all everything I did and have done in my life and a set or corrugated steel stairs kicked my butt. I was an avid BMX rider, I rode motocross and enduro, trained in muy thai and jujitsu.  I was a gym rat and avid mtb rider. But that all changed. 

Now I can't Send It like I used too but I still enjoy as much as I can. I've dealt with PTSD, depression, divorce and the proverbial rollercoaster with being medically retired and the stigma of being "disabled". But I dont believe that at all. I am blessed for my friends and family who helped me through a dark time and help me find a new version a better version for myself, my kids and my family and friends. 

So that's a bit about me and what I believe is these words are not just a catch phrase, they are a way of life.

I created Send It Death Before Dishonor because I wanted a company that supports riders, in helping them fulfill their dreams, while making durable clothing, gear and accessories that won't tear after one ride or wash.

SEND IT DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR is for everyone its the moder day Carpe diem. Hold strong to your beliefs, values and morals. Live life earned every day. Never quit just because it's hard. Always strive to over come your hard days and keep pushing forward.